Editorial Statute

7MARGENS is a quality journalistic project which focuses on the search for meaning, on spiritual restlessness and on the role of religion in contemporary societies.

7MARGENS is a digital platform through which information is produced and published, and
it invites and welcomes the public’s participation, according to its editorial principles.

7MARGENS practices a journalism inspired by the highest professional and ethical standards. It refuses to publish news without confirmation, to attribute guilt without evidence, and to report without hearing all parties involved. It does not publish rumours, nor does it confuse news with opinion. It gives a voice to different perspectives, and it does not sacrifice rigorous reporting to the hurry to publish.

7MARGENS is not denominational and it does not seek to proselytise. It is independent from any organization, including religious groups.

7MARGENS does not refuse to engage with any subject. It values debate regarding the meaning of religion and the role of spirituality in democratic societies, including atheist and agnostic perspectives.

7MARGENS is open to the free expression of thought and to controversy, governed only by common sense, good taste, and respect for difference.

7MARGENS pays special attention to the arts and to culture, to social justice, to dignity and to human rights, and to ecology and peace as spaces for critical questioning, for spiritual quest and for exploring the religious dimensions of experience.

7MARGENS values news, but also interviews, personal accounts, documentaries, debates, opinion, and cultural reviews, paying particular attention to the context of the facts and processes it reports on.

7MARGENS is governed by its Editorial Statute. It promotes the interaction between different cultures and it aware of its place within the Lusophone world. Property of a non- profit organisation, 7MARGENS is made viable thanks to patrons and supporters, donations and revenues from services rendered, and it ensures total transparency concerning all the support received.

September 2018

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