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7MARGENS is an independent online publication guided by the principles of journalism and independent from any institution, religious or otherwise. It publishes information on religious issues, in the broadest possible sense, and it is not confined to any established faith or religious persuasion. It seeks to account for the different spiritual quests that characterise the time we live in by throwing light on the questions, doubts and paths that nurture these inquiries. It is aware that information concerning the religious phenomenon (thus understood) can be an important instrument for peace, social justice, mutual understanding, tolerance, and cooperation among the different members of our societies.

7MARGENS is owned by a non-profit cultural association, Porta 18. It aims to be funded exclusively by its readers/supporters, but it also receives institutional donations, which are regularly disclosed on the website to guarantee transparency. The newspaper’s main references are the three decades career of its director, António Marujo; and the information published by Religionline, one of the first Portuguese blogs, launched by Manuel Pinto in 2002.

7MARGENS is governed according to its editorial statute and relies on the interest and participation of its readers. There is a fundraising campaign taking place and we suggest that each person/family contributes 100 € to the project through the following account: CGD PT50 0035 0675 0004 6941 7308 1.

September 2018

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